Hearing Protection

Explore our hearing protection products, designed to enhance your auditory experience. Protect your hearing and elevate your sound with ACS Custom

1. ACS PRO Series

Looking for custom-fit earplugs that provide superior protection and comfort? Look no further than the ACS PRO Series!

Designed from the ground up for exceptional performance:
Custom-molded for a perfect fit:

01Made from soft medical-grade silicone, our PRO Series earplugs are custom-made to your unique ear shape, ensuring a comfortable, secure seal that blocks out unwanted noise.

Safe sound reduction:

02Our PRO filters go beyond simply blocking noise. They attenuate sound to safe levels, protecting your hearing without sacrificing clarity.

Choose your level of protection:

03With seven different filter options available, you can find the perfect level of noise reduction for your needs, whether you’re in a loud workplace or seeking a peaceful environment for leisure activities.


New addition to the PRO range designed specifically for shooting.

New addition to the PRO range designed specifically for shooting. Two modes of operation allow this filter to give a constant mid-level of protection, as well as reacting to give high level protection against sudden impulse noise such as gunfire.

2. Universal Fit-hearing protection


01Reusable high fidelity hearing protectors that let you enjoy and feel the music. Pacato 16 from ACS delivers a lower attenuation and flatter response.

Average protection value: 16dB


02The amazing Impulse filter technology is now available in an instant fit version, protecting you from sudden high impulse noise.

Average Protection Value: 15dB
Peak Protection value: 33dB

3. Sleepsound - Hearing Protection

Finally Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep with ACS SleepSounds

Do snoring partners, noisy neighbors, or a busy environment keep you tossing and turning all night? Are you a light sleeper longing for a restful night’s sleep?

ACS SleepSounds can be your solution.

Custom-crafted for superior comfort and noise reduction:

Block Out Disruptions:

01Made from soft, medical-grade silicone and custom-molded to your unique ear shape, SleepSounds effectively block out ambient noises, creating a peaceful sleep sanctuary.

Side Sleeper Friendly Design:

02Our innovative design sits comfortably within the ear canal, ensuring a secure fit throughout the night, even for side sleepers.

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed:

03Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a deeper, more restful slumber with ACS SleepSounds.

4. Swim Plugs - Hearing Protection

Protect Your Ears and Enjoy the Water with ACS Swim Plugs

Swimming is a fantastic way to stay active and cool off, but constant water exposure can irritate your ears and increase the risk of infection.  Here’s where ACS Swim Plugs come in!

ACS Swim Plugs: Custom Comfort for Safe Swimming

Prevent Infections:

01Made from soft, medical-grade silicone, these custom-molded earplugs create a watertight seal, keeping your ears dry and protected from bacteria and other irritants.

Comfy Fit, All Day Fun:

02The soft silicone molds comfortably to your unique ear shape, ensuring a secure and irritation-free fit throughout your swim.

Focus on the Fun, Not Your Ears:

03Block out distracting noises while allowing you to hear important sounds like safety instructions.